Sector Focus: Water

Worldwide, water-rich countries have 8.000 cubic meters (m3) available per head per year, the global average is 6.000 m3. Countries with severe water scarcity have just 500 m3 or less available per person per year. In Namibia, the per capita availability of internal water resources is only 250 m3 per person per annum, which means that the country suffers from “severe water scarcity”.
Going forward, future water demand is set to increase through population growth, developments in agriculture and mining, with overall demand expected to double over the next 15 years.
This may lead to acute water shortages if no action is undertaken.
In association with the best technology partners, TriStone Africa is developing a unique data and technology based Water Industry practice.
• Serving the Namibian and selected neighbouring SADC markets.
• Assisting Governments, local authorities, industrial operators
and land owners develop value creating strategies.

Water Mapping, Discovery & Investment Practice:

TriStone Africa’s projects aim at establishing actionable, detailed mapping of existing and available underground water resources, useable for municipal, agricultural and industrial development issues.
The deliverables include detailed inventory of the underground water resources identified using the latest technologies, as well as precise suggested drilling points in the areas where the needs are most acute.
Water Mapping processes can cover large urban populations or agricultural areas with current severe water scarcity problems and:
•Reduce timeline and cost to identify and discover water resources
•Limit lengthy and inaccurate traditional geological studies
•Reduce consultancy fees
•Increase the accuracy and success hit of the boreholes drilled
Assess the sustainability and quality of specific underground water sources.