Level One

TriStone’s Level 1 Services aim at providing our clients with the benefits of a permanent presence on the Namibian market, at a fraction of the cost of sending full time employees, whilst benefitting from our local insight for business development in several sectors.

TriStone Africa’s assistance is fully tailored to its clients’ needs, but generally includes:

a) Business and Intelligence Support

  • Permanent monitoring of the sector and industry follow up at market, industry and regulatory levels;
  • Permanent monitoring and information on public, semi public and significant private tender opportunities:
    ‣  At Central Government level;
    ‣  At Regional Administration level;
    ‣  At Public or Semi-Public Enterprises;
    ‣  With large private enterprises.
  • Identify, communicate and follow up on direct contracting opportunities with local or international counter-parties as well as with private companies, maintaining a regular, long term local dialogue with such public and private operators, and with local promoters/developers;
  • Assistance in identification of appropriate local partners and counter-parties, both for tendering, contract execution and local equipment/material sourcing;
  • Organisation of, and presence at, official and industry meetings;
  • As and when relevant, participate in the identification and structuring of such project financings, through TriStone Africa’s permanent dialogue with local financial institutions, both public and private, as well as with multilateral finance sources such as the EIB, WB/IFC, ADB, and bilateral public financing institutions;
  • Assistance in local contract terms negotiations.

b) Operational

  • Local logistical assistance to clients’ managers and engineers when present in Namibia, prior to potential local establishment;
  • Temporary domiciliation, local documentation management / delivery for administrative and tender purposes;
  • For a fee, use of TSA’s Windhoek office facilities;
  • Introduction to TSA’s local network of corporate service providers and sub contractors;
  • Other client specific assistance instrumental in developing clients’ operations in the Namibian Market.